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Businesses have been experiencing the frustration of diminishing returns from in print advertising. It seems as though when people are looking for a new product or service, especially something local, they are turning to their computers rather than their phone books or newspapers. A look at numerous studies shows us that 73% of all searches online ==> [Read More Here]


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"Local Ecommerce Solutions has been a wonderful asset to our internet business. We are extremely pleased with Matt, and highly recommend anyone interested in marketing their business over the internet to use him."
- Nick B., Philadelphia, PA
(currently ranked on the first page of Google for a variety of terms, and experiencing a great increase in search engine traffic) ==> [Read More Here]

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Construction

Simply put, social media marketing has changed the way businesses market themselves online. A solid social media campaign can help your business tremendously. It seems as though just about everyone participates in a social media in some way or another (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.). Here are a few reasons ==> [Read More Here]